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    Wedding Blossoms

    Watercolor Cherry Blossoms
    by Katrina Pete

    Langton Prestige Cold press watercolor paper
    10×13 inches

    I painted these blossoms as a gift for a dear friend on her wedding day. I’ll post a step by step tutorial soon of my process. The main colors I used were Holbein Quinacridone Violet and Holbein Opera Pink. I also used Burnt Umber, and hints of green using a mixture of indigo and aureolin yellow.The first wash was made with a wet-in wet technique. Once the paper dried, I started painting the flowers and forming shapes using a ‘negative space’ technique. I’ll explain more in my tutorial coming up soon!

    Ocean Animals, Wild & Free

    Polar Bears

    I am adding more watercolor paintings to my series of Ocean Animals and Nautical collections. This polar bear watercolor was painted in blues, greens and shades of cream. The background sky reflects the colors of the Arctic Sea.

    This print of my original watercolor painting will be available in my Etsy shop among my many other watercolor animals.

    watercolor print sets, Woodland Nursery

    Watercolor Fox Collection


    Watercolor Fox Paintings
    by Katrina Pete

    These furry little guys are so much fun to paint! I love their mannerisms and inquisitive ways, and they remind me of our dog, Fletcher! View more of my watercolor woodland animals paintings and prints in my etsy shop.




    Ocean Animals

    Whales Stacked


    Stacked Whales

    Five Whales, painted in watercolor and stacked neatly on top of one another. They were painted in the lovely watery colors of the sea; ultramarine, yellow ochre, pthalo blue, and indigo. Little speckles and blooming blotches on their marine bodies illustrate the ever-changing washes of light filtering through the waves above.

    My watercolor whales look adorable in a nautical themed room, and harmonize well with my other beach/nautical paintings. I’ve included a narwhal, beluga whale, sperm whale, humpback, and a right whale in this painting.

    This nautical print is available in various sizes in my etsy shop

    Bursts of Fun!

    ‘Rain Girl’

    “Rain Girl”
    by Katrina Pete
    9×12 inch watercolor on cotton rag paper

    I painted this in early April, when every other day seemed to be filled with rain. It’s that in-between season where the promise of spring grows heavy like an overfilled water balloon about to burst. Against a gray sky and a brittle brown earth, little emerald-green nubs of hostas and tulips emerge, as a prelude to the waterfall of color that will soon flood the sleeping landscape.

    So, I painted a colorful girl walking in the rain, wearing red boots and holding an umbrella. She is super excited for spring!

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    Floral Paintings

    'Garden Party' by Katrina Pete

    ‘Garden Party’ by Katrina Pete

    ‘Garden Party’
    8×10 inch watercolor on cotton rag
    by Katrina Pete

    This cheery floral painting was inspired by Lilly Pulitzer! I used a loose hand technique and let the colors blend and spill into each other. Bright corals, oranges, sunny yellow, spring green and sky blue complement each other like a whimsical assortment of fresh picked wild flowers. A few little green fern tendrils add a spritz of fun to the collection.

    The spring green stems in the bottom third of the painting support a burst of colorful blooms.

    Prints are available in various sizes. Please contact me for the original painting. I have more floral paintings available too!


    Visit my etsy shop here for prints!