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    Watercolor Fox Collection


    Watercolor Fox Paintings
    by Katrina Pete

    These furry little guys are so much fun to paint! I love their mannerisms and inquisitive ways, and they remind me of our dog, Fletcher! View more of my watercolor woodland animals paintings and prints in my etsy shop.




    watercolor print sets

    Thoughts on pet loss

    All of my Stars

    After our dog, Brandee, died I thought I’d paint her portrait someday. It’s difficult to paint her happy furry face without tears. So instead I’ll paint the deep blues and blacks of the night sky speckled with stars of unknown distances.

    On that day we meet again,
    We will look to the stars with wonder
    Oh, how our light shines on

    Long after we’re gone

    watercolor print sets

    Watercolor Blossoms

    Watercolor Roses

    Soft, delicate pink petals and coral blossoms were inspired by my Aunt’s beautiful garden. I painted this coral and light green botanical watercolor on Arches 100% cotton watercolor paper. Various print sizes are available in my etsy shop here!

    mint nursery, watercolor print sets

    Coral and Mint Nursery



    It brings me so much joy to create paintings and prints for my customers, and I LOVE hearing feedback about why a painting or print is special for you.

    Some of my customers send me photos of their nurseries or homes with my artwork. I’ve created a page of nurseries and homes featuring my art (with customer permission). If you would like to be featured, let me know!

    My watercolor print, “Birds on a Wire’, is featured in this beautiful coral and mint nursery.

    Here is a link to the print in my etsy shop, also available in peach and mint!

    Here are a few more customer testimonials from my etsy shop

    “Big thanks to Katrina !
    Painting is amazing, arrived in great condition. It was fast and effective.
    Dealing with her was super and we are absolutely in love with the final result in our little girl nursery !
    Don’t hesistate one more second!” -Laurence

    “This print is beautiful! Words cannot express how much I love it!” -Sherry

    “The painting is adorable and arrived in pristine condition. Can’t wait to give it to my mom for Mother’s Day!” -Cassidy

    “This is a perfect piece for our gender neutral nursery! It’s truly heart melting whenever somebody looks at it!” -Nicole

    elephant1-blue-mint-holding-trunks-1_edited-6-copy coral1and-mint-giraffess_edited-7-copy zebra12close-up_edited-1-copy-copy

    Ocean Animals

    Whales Stacked


    Stacked Whales

    Five Whales, painted in watercolor and stacked neatly on top of one another. They were painted in the lovely watery colors of the sea; ultramarine, yellow ochre, pthalo blue, and indigo. Little speckles and blooming blotches on their marine bodies illustrate the ever-changing washes of light filtering through the waves above.

    My watercolor whales look adorable in a nautical themed room, and harmonize well with my other beach/nautical paintings. I’ve included a narwhal, beluga whale, sperm whale, humpback, and a right whale in this painting.

    This nautical print is available in various sizes in my etsy shop

    Ocean Animals

    Harbor Seals


    Two harbor seals, watercolor painting by Katrina Pete

    Two harbor seals, watercolor painting by Katrina Pete


    ‘Seal Buddies’

    by Katrina Pete

    11×14 inch watercolor on cotton rag paper.

    This is the first of a series of paintings showcasing the friendships between animals.

    View my watercolor process

    Here’s a snapshot of my progress and techniques used in my harbor seal watercolor painting. My goal in this painting was to achieve a balance of expressive brush strokes with precise detail, and transparent layers of color and reflection. I forgot to take photos of the early stages, as I was having such a good time painting!  Hopefully, my descriptions will help illustrate my process.

    My Toolbox

    • Blick Studio Natural round #12 brush, Windsor & Newton Round sable #3 & 4, and sable synthetic round #5
    • Van Gogh 12 color traveling artists palette using Burnt Sienna and Yellow Ochre
    • HWC Holbein Artist’s watercolors in Davy’s Grey and Lavender, Sennelier Cerulean Blue, and Greenish Umber.
    • Arches 100% cotton cold pressed watercolor paper


    How to Paint Fur with Watercolor

    I used the ‘wet in wet’ watercolor technique to paint the soft and subtle spots of the seal’s fur. The seals are grayish brown and white, but their fur reflects the colors of the sea and ice around them. Since Harbor Seals live in northern Arctic waters, I used hints of lavender and cerulean blue to showcase the beautiful colors of their habitat.


    Painting whiskers

    I used masking fluid to paint the whiskers of the two seals. While the paper was dry, I applied thin lines with a toothpick. After the final layer is dry, I peeled them off with an eraser and realized they were too stark white. I applied a transparent layer of yellow ochre over some of the white whiskers and a bit of cerulean blue in the shadows to make them blend in harmony with the rest of the painting.


    Painting Eyes in Watercolor

    Painting eyes is the most difficult part of the painting for me, so I often save it for last. I start with layers of color. I believe the best watercolor eyes include a combination of many watercolor techniques including hard and soft lines, layers of color and contrast to show reflections, and transparency. While the paint is still wet, I gently blot some of the pigment out of the center of the eye to create a transparent effect.