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Ocean Animals

    Ocean Animals

    Beach Glass

    Watercolor on cotton rag, 8x10 inches

    Watercolor on cotton rag, 8×10 inches

    My beach glass watercolor painting was inspired by trips to Lake Superior. Nestled among the polished smooth blue, gray and maroon stones along the North Shore are tiny gleaming bits of polished beach glass. I’ve collected glass from Duluth to Lutsen and Grand Marais. Little bits of history reflecting light from the shore, the sharp edges softened over time with each gentle wave.

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    Watercolor Dolphin Family

    Watercolor dolphin family by Katrina Pete


    While I’m landlocked in a state that morphs into a tundra each winter, I dream of tropical islands, friendly dolphins, and crystal blue water. So I suppose this painting is somewhat of a mid-winter dream.

    ‘Dolphin Watercolor Family’

    by Katrina Pete

    8×10 inch watercolor painting on Arches cotton rag.


    While the intelligence of dolphins is no secret, this video below shows a dolphin ‘asking’ a diver for help with a stuck fishing line. It’s a bit of a long video, but amazing to watch.